Operational benefits:

  • Superlative water saving in irrigation of safe roads and pumping energy

  • Improved paving

  • Longer service life of OTR tires (lower wear rate)

  • Fuel savings

  • Increased availability of roads and equipment

  • Greater visibility on the roads

  • Improvement in the operational cycle, achieving higher performance

  • Best support team assignment

  • Dust-free roads and better quality of life for people

  • Compliance with environmental regulations

  • Decreased carbon footprint


Dust A Side technology integrates road stabilization and dust suppression in one service.

It is applicable in any climatic condition, protecting the roads from erosion and the deterioration proper to the circulation of light vehicles, transportation and mining production.


A Dust A Side binder is secure, non-hygroscopic, and water-soluble, it has a better traction and is waterproof.


Other products wash, drain and/or become dangerously soapy, migrate pollutants and cross the lower base of the road, being highly corrosive, damaging equipment and affecting the environment and living beings, by changing the salinity or pH of the water.


The application and handling of Dust a Side products do not present risks for human health, the environment, any aquatic and agricultural environment. All have been certified by recognized local laboratories (IDIEM of the University of Chile and CESMEC).

The emulsifiers, which are manufactured for Dust-A-Side, are organic and vegetable, which allows the powder to adhere and transform part of the way, reaching, thanks to the bituminous component, a permanent and resistant surface.